What are the Benefits of Logistics Management Software for Small Businesses in Singapore?

Logistics management software is crucial for the success of any Third-Party Logistics (3PL) business in Singapore given the fast-paced of industry development and the country’s interconnectedness with the world.

As a logistics provider, you are probably worried that manual processes are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the industry with the increasing complexity of logistics operations. You must be wondering how you can streamline your operations, enhance visibility, and achieve greater efficiency by leveraging digital solutions.

Worry no more! Our logistics software experts at One Logis will explore the top five benefits of implementing logistics management software and highlight five examples of reliable solutions in the market to help you succeed in Singapore’s logistics industry.

Understanding Logistics and Its Different Services:

Firstly, what is logistics? It encompasses a range of services, including freight forwarding, contract logistics, express delivery, and last-mile delivery.

Freight forwarding involves the transportation of goods from one location to another using various modes of transportation (air, land, and sea). To put it simply, freight forwarders act as intermediaries that support the shipper’s transportation needs by coordinating shipment with the transportation carriers.

Contract logistics focuses on the storage, distribution, and management of goods on behalf of clients. Think of them as outsourced service providers that provide an end-to-end service for their customers to help them reduce their operational costs through scale and experience.

Finally, express delivery ensures the swift and time-sensitive delivery of packages. Last-mile delivery is a sub-set of express delivery that focuses on the final leg of the transportation, ensuring goods reach the end customers.

Logistics companies that provide outsourced services are generally known as 3PLs. These providers can execute various operational requirements of the supply chain – including transportation, warehousing, and fulfilment.

The Increasing Complexity of Logistics Workflows:

Logistics workflows have become increasingly complex due to globalization and the rise of e-commerce. Businesses must handle multiple suppliers, transportation modes, and delivery networks across different regions as they grow. As one can imagine, managing these intricate processes manually can lead to errors, delays, and increased costs.

Moreover, factors such as fluctuating fuel prices, traffic congestion, and changing regulations further complicate logistics operations.

Therefore, businesses (regardless big or small) are seeking reliable logistics service providers to cater to their complex needs. In turn, these logistics service providers will need advanced tools that can simplify and automate their logistics workflows to better serve their customers.

This is where digital solutions such as logistics management software can make a difference!

Five Benefits of Logistics Management Software:

a) Enhanced Visibility:

Logistics management software provides real-time insights into the end-to-end shipment process. From order placement to final delivery, logistics providers and 3PLs can track and monitor every stage of the process.

This visibility enables proactive decision-making, improves customer service, and reduces the risk of lost or damaged shipments.

As an example of better customer service, logistics management software can integrate with the systems of transportation carriers to deliver real-time tracking information. Subsequently, this data can be provided as “live updates” to the customers or shippers via customer portals.

b) Improved Efficiency:

Manual processes are time-consuming and prone to errors. By automating key logistics tasks, software solutions help streamline operations, optimize routes, and minimize manual data entry. This leads to significant time and cost savings while ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.

In particular, this can be very helpful for freight forwarders in Singapore, given the large amount of paperwork and shipping documentation involved with international freight shipments.

c) Effective Resource Management:

Logistics management software enables 3PLs to allocate resources more effectively. It helps optimize vehicle utilization, reduce empty miles, and improve fleet management.

Express providers can maximize their assets utilization and minimize unnecessary expenses with features like route planning, load optimization, and real-time tracking that are typically available in Transport Management Systems (TMS).

d) Seamless Collaboration:

Collaboration among various stakeholders is vital in the logistics industry. Logistics management software provides a centralized platform where carriers, shippers, suppliers, and customers can communicate, exchange information, and collaborate efficiently.

In Singapore, the government has also launched the Networked Trade Platform (NTP), which is a one-stop information ecosystem for the logistics industry.

The ability to integrate with different stakeholders help streamlines communication, reduces delays, and enhances overall coordination.

e) Data-Driven Insights:

Logistics management software can provide 3PLs with valuable insights given the vast amounts of data collected. These insights help identify inefficiencies, measure key performance indicators, and make data-driven decisions.

This is possible as good logistics vertical market software are usually integrated with core accounting and finance functions that centralizes data collection.

Furthermore, 3PLs can continuously improve their logistics processes and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging data analytics.

Top Logistics Management Software Providers:

If you have read this far, you may be wondering who are the good providers of high-quality logistics software in Singapore? Look no further, we provide some examples below:

1) One Logis:

One Logis offers a cloud-based ERP system that caters to the unique needs of Freight Forwarders, Contract Logistics and Express delivery providers in Singapore and Asia.

We are the best option for small and medium-sized logistics businesses in Singapore given our proven track record since 2006 and ability to customize our software to suit the customers’ unique needs.

Website: https://onelogisasia.com/

2) Descartes:

Descartes offers a range of logistics management solutions, including route planning, fleet management, and electronic proof of delivery. Their software enables businesses to optimize routes, reduce costs, and improve customer service. Based in Canada, Descartes is one of the largest logistics-focused software company globally that is built via acquisitions.

Given their established history and wide range of services, they are a good provider for large global logistics companies.

Website: https://www.descartes.com/home

3) GoFreight:

GoFreight offers an easy-to-use Freight Forwarding Business Management Software that automates operations and customer support. The company was founded in 2014 as a SaaS solution that supports over 1,000 freight forwarders and is headquartered in the US.

They are a great option for pure-play freight forwarders looking for a technology solution with limited customization.

Website: https://www.gofreight.com/

4) Manhattan Associates:

Known for its comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions, Manhattan Associates offers a robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Order Management System (OMS) that caters to a wide range of industries and operational complexities. Their solutions focus on optimization, automation, and real-time visibility.

They are one of the world’s largest and most established WMS provider serving most of the large global 3PLs or contract logistics providers.

Website: https://www.manh.com/

5) Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder offers a robust Transport Management System (TMS) and OMS solution that focuses on end-to-end transportation planning and execution. Their solution provides visibility, optimization, carrier management, and freight audit and payment capabilities.

Having integrated JDA, Blue Yonder is now one of the world’s leading TMS provider with a global presence, including Singapore.

Website: https://blueyonder.com/

Bringing it Together: Consult with One Logis Today!

Digital solutions are becoming indispensable for logistics businesses in Singapore. A good logistics management software will provide a wide range of benefits, including enhanced visibility, improved efficiency, effective resource management, seamless collaboration, and data-driven insights.

If you are interested to learn more about how logistics software solutions can help transform your logistics operations, reach out to our friendly consultants at One Logis today for a no-obligation chat!

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