Automate logistics. Maximize productivity.

We offer cloud-based ERP software that serves the unique needs of the logistics industry in Singapore and Asia. Our solutions empower freight forwarders, contract logistics and express delivery providers to streamline operations and enhance efficiency! 

Powering Logistics in Asia

How We Can Help

Improve productivity with Freight Management System

Our freight management software empowers you to manage the entire shipment life cycle with ease by providing end-to-end workflow automation, real-time shipment tracking, e-documentation (air waybill & bill of lading etc) generation and financial reporting for international shipping. Our solution can also be integrated with your carriers and Networked Trade Platform (NTP) to facilitate ease of information exchange!

Reduce error and save time with Rate Management & CRM

We provide automated quotation and billing process with customizable rate cards tailored to different customers. Your sales team can manage customer relationships, freight rates and surcharges in one place and instantly generate quotations in a few clicks!

Accurate and timely reporting with Finance & Accounting solution

Our ERP system utilizes finance and accounting features that seamlessly integrate with our freight management solutions. Your finance team can manage invoices to customers, AR and AP, agent fee settlement, bank reconciliation and gain business insights via accurate & timely reports! 

Optimize operations with Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our WMS provides real-time inventory visibility (with seamless mobile device integration), best-in-class inventory management tools (wave planning, cycle counting etc) and advanced warehouse mapping functions to help maximize utilization and efficiency for your logistics operations!

Enhance decisions with Last-mile Delivery and Transport Management System (TMS)

We provide order management, route optimisation, rate management, driver management, load utilisation management and real-time GPS tracking for last-mile delivery. Our TMS solution can also generate reports and analytics on key performance indicators to support your decision-making!

Why Choose Us?

Our ERP software is designed specifically for the logistics industry and are supported by a dedicated team with a strong commitment towards data security. We also offer flexible customizations and integration capabilities to meet your unique needs.

Proven Logistics Expertise

Logistics is our ONLY focus since 2006 so you can bet we know the industry inside out!

Responsive and Secure

Our solutions are supported by a dedicated local team that is committed to data security

Customizable Solutions

Flexible and customizable solutions with EDI / API integration capability

Completed projects in Logistics & E-commerce
Daily average shipments managed by our platform
Daily average inventory movements managed by our solutions
Logistics fleet managed by our digital solutions

Be Part of the Logistics Revolution

In today’s fast-paced business environment, logistics companies all over the world, Singapore included, face numerous challenges such as managing complex supply chains, optimizing inventory, and streamlining operations. The solution out there to these complex workflows? A proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to transform your logistics operations!

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