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One Logis provides best-in-class, cloud-based Logistics ERP software, Freight Management System and Transport Management System (TMS) solutions for small businesses in Singapore. For almost two decades, our ERP system and software solutions have been assisting a multitude of customers by automating their logistics, freight forwarding and transportation processes for greater productivity.

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Trusted by Leading Logistics Companies

What We Offer

We provide a wide range of cutting-edge cloud-based software solutions designed to automate your Logistics processes for greater productivity.

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Logistics ERP Software

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Freight Management System

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Transport Management System

Logistics ERP Software

Is your business struggling with process inefficiencies, manual data errors, and disjointed processes? Our cutting-edge Logistics ERP software can streamline your operations and grow your profits.

Our comprehensive cloud-based Logistics ERP System features include:

Freight Management System

Are you tired of processing a mountain of shipping paperwork, managing freight rates manually and not being able to track your shipment real-time? Turbocharge your freight forwarding processes with our best-in-class Freight Management Software.

Our comprehensive cloud-based Freight Forwarding Software features include:

Transport Management System (TMS)

Are you struggling with tedious proof of delivery paperwork, manual orders processing, slow deliveries, poor utilization of drivers’ capacity and not being able to track your delivery orders real-time? Take control of your transportation processes with our cloud-based TMS solutions.

Our Last Mile Delivery and Transportation Management System features include:

Why Choose Us?

Customers value One Logis’s deep Logistics industry know-how, strong support commitment and customer-centric approach with customizable solutions.

Proven Logistics Expertise

Logistics is our ONLY focus since 2006 so you can bet we know the industry inside out!

Responsive and Secure

Our solutions are supported by a dedicated local team that is committed to data security

Customizable Solutions

We offer flexible solutions that cater to your needs with EDI & API integration capabilities

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Be Part of the Logistics Revolution

In today’s fast-paced business environment, logistics companies all over the world, Singapore included, face numerous challenges such as managing complex supply chains, optimizing inventory, and streamlining operations. The solution out there to these complex workflows? A proven Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to transform your logistics, freight management and transportation management operations!

What Our Customers Say

JGL Worldwide
Johnson Seow, General Manager
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We have been using One Logis Freight Management and Logistics ERP software solutions for almost 10 years and are very satisfied with the product quality and support services. We look forward to working more with them on our digital journey.
Avialog Express
Kayden, Head of Operations
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We were referred to One Logis by one of our customers. We chose One Logis given the flexibility to customize the transport management software to suit our needs vs. other alternatives in the market. We also appreciate that One Logis was highly knowledgeable about the industry.
Legion Express
Derrick, Head of Operations
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One Logis last-mile delivery and transportation management system has been a fantastic help in our operations digital journey. It is highly customized to suit our needs and the team consistently delivers.
AGI Freight
Apple, Operations Manager
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We have been using One Logis logistics ERP software since 2020 and are very pleased with the quality and support so far.
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