Customer Maintenance Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Maintenance covers phone, email, and remote access support via PC anywhere.

For customers without a maintenance agreement, support will be charged at S$150 per hour, a minimum of one hour for online support, and for onsite support, a minimum of 2 hours shall apply.

Maintenance does not cover customization of reports/functions that is not available in the standard version. Additional customization, if required, will be quoted separately depending on the requirements.

Full Payment must be made 2 weeks prior to the start of the maintenance period. Payment by cheque should be cross and made in favour of One Logis Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Addendum

During One Logis Solutions’s standard business hours, operating from Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM Singapore Time, the company commits to promptly addressing reported issues. Upon receiving reports during these hours, One Logis Solutions undertakes to acknowledge the matter within a maximum of five (5) hours. For issues reported outside of standard business hours, the company will attend to them promptly upon resuming operations.

Regarding issue resolution, One Logis Solutions employs a severity-based approach:

In cases identified as Severity 1, encompassing critical issues that render the system non-operational and significantly impede essential business functions, including scenarios where system-wide unavailability prevents user access, One Logis Solutions pledges to expedite the resolution process. The commitment stands to restore full functionality within a maximum of four (4) hours from the initial response time.

For issues categorized as Severity 2, which impact specific processes or systems but have alternative methods available to navigate the problem, One Logis Solutions commits to resolving such issues within a maximum of three (3) calendar days.

Issues identified as Severity 3, presenting minimal or no immediate impact to perform its functions, will be diligently addressed by One Logis Solutions. The commitment in such cases is to achieve resolution within a maximum of fourteen (14) calendar days.

Data Backup Addendrum

One Logis Solutions offers a comprehensive data backup service as an optional feature within our maintenance agreement. This service involves regular backups of customer data to a secure cloud server for safeguarding against potential data loss.

Please note that the data backup service is subject to a separate charge.

Customers have the option to opt-out of the data backup service by providing written notice to One Logis Solutions. However, in the event of opting out, One Logis Solutions will not be liable or responsible for any data recovery, restoration, loss, corruption, or damage to data stored on the cloud server due to events beyond its control or as a result of opting out of the data backup service.

One Logis Solutions Privacy Policy and Personal Data Clause
Please note that by signing a maintenance contract with One Logis Solutions, you have given consent to One Logis Solutions to access, collect use and/or disclose the data entered in our systems for the purposes of support, maintenance and troubleshooting of our systems. You also acknowledge that screenshots may be taken during support via team viewer, and have given your consent that One Logis Solutions may use these screenshots for purposes of support, maintenance, troubleshooting and further development of our systems.

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