Freight Management System

Streamline your freight operations in Singapore and Asia with proven cloud-based freight management system software.

Are you tired of manually processing a mountain of shipping paperwork, managing freight rates manually and not being able to track your shipment real-time? Customers running Freight Management Systems on average are generating 35% more revenue!

Real time tracking page view of One Logis Freight Management Software

Businesses We've Helped

Save Time and Money with Web-based Freight Management Software

Take control of your freight forwarding operations, streamline manual processes and increase your business profits with One Logis’s Freight Management System.

Streamline and Optimize Operations

Compare buy rates across carriers and manage sell rates with customized configurations. No more errors with rate quotations and negative rate surprises.

Generate quotes and invoices in just a few clicks. Reduce time wasted on paperwork. 

Automate airway bills and bill of lading documentation electronically. Save time and effort managing mountains of paperwork!

Track inventory real-time and improve goods picking and packing efficiency with cutting-edge Warehouse Management System (WMS). No more wasted space!

Deliver Strong Customer Experience

Manage customers’ data, orders and interaction history. Never miss a sales lead opportunity again!

Delight your customers with real-time tracking of their delivery status with your own branded web portal that is easily accessible on the internet. No more miscommunication with customers.

Provide notifications to alert customers on order and freight status. Reduce customer enquiries via manual methods. 

Track and Improve Performance

Take control of your shipment delivery status with 3rd-party carriers integration. Reduce delivery shipment delays and uncertainty.

Automate financial accounting from invoicing, AR and AP management, GST filing, assets management to bank reconciliation. Reduce manual errors and save time .

Generate timely and accurate financial reports. Reduce aged receivables and never miss a beat with GST and tax filings again.

Gain real-time insights into service quality metrics and operating performance with KPI reports. Do not be caught off guard with business issues again!

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