Whether you are curious about implementation, features or technical support, you will find all the information you need about our logistics ERP solutions right here. Explore our FAQ to gain a deeper understanding of our software and make informed decisions for your business needs. Feel free to reach out to us for a friendly chat if you have any other doubts!

Yes, our solutions are integrated with NTP and we are a VAS (Value Added Service) provider on the NTP Platform. For more details on NTP please visit www.ntp.gov.sg

Yes, we would assist you in the grant submission process. We have man years of experience and expertise on this.

Our modules can be sold on a software-as-a-subscription basis or full licensing with annual maintenance support model based on your needs.

A subscription is a quarterly or yearly payment for the subscribed modules and to access our logistics ERP features. Additionally, the subscription covers ongoing maintenance, helpdesk support, daily backup and bugs fixing / troubleshooting.

In this model, you will get un-limited users. We do not charge on per user basis.

No. For full-licensing we provide access for unlimited number of users.

Yes, our products can be branded with your company’s branding, logo, website etc. All our mobile apps will be created under your business branding in Google Play store and Apple App store.

No, all our solutions are cloud based. You can choose to pay cloud subscription on a yearly or quarterly basis.

Yes, it is possible to have a non-cloud model but you will need to buy your own server to host our software on-premise.

We recommend you to consider cloud-based solution which offers better scalability and security.

Minor revisions to our software are covered for free under our annual subscription or maintenance contracts. However, significant version upgrades will come with changes in subscription charges.

We do not provide custom development from scratch, but we can customise and tailor our existing solutions to meet your requirements. On a case-by-case basis, this could result in higher charges.

Yes, all our modules and solutions are customisable depending on the business requirements.

Yes. We provide free data backup (twice a day including holidays) to safeguard the reliability of your operations.

Yes. Your data is fully secured in our cloud server with encrypted passwords and necessary security software. Our products also go through regular security audits by external security experts.

We will provide an NDA agreement when the contract is signed to ensure your confidential data is safeguarded. This NDA is valid and can be renewed on yearly basis.

Yes. We do have many standard templates available. We will also configure your business specific templates as part of the implementation. There are no limitations on the number of templates in the system.

Absolutely possible. Our solution is highly flexible and we can customize per your requirements with additional charges.

All our support can be delivered on-site or remotely depending on the severity of the issue. You can also create a support ticket in our helpdesk system to track the resolution. You will be supported by a dedicated local team.

Our software is built in English and does not cater to all languages. However, if you require additional translation services, kindly contact us for further details.

Yes. Our solutions are quite flexible and any interfaces can be developed. Currently we support REST API, XML, HTTP, ANSI and EDI/Flat files. We also have built-in interfaces with carriers, airlines and courier service providers etc.

Yes. We provide data migration templates for shipment data, business partner, chart of accounts, billing library, warehouse locations, inventory SKU, accounts receivable and accounts payable. If you are using any other systems and wish to migrate to our solutions it would be quite simple. You can also use our existing templates and migrate your data seamlessly via excel files.

There are NO costs for data migration as you just need to fill in data in our templates and upload into the system. We will help you to migrate the data.

Normally we do not provide free trials as our solutions are not off-the-shelf solutions as we do need customization effort. Nevertheless, contact us and we can consider this request on a case-by-case basis.

Yes we do. Kindly contact us should you have any specific questions.

Yes, our apps work on Android and iOS devices.

Yes, we have in-built routing logics to create delivery routing with multiple drop-off points in our apps.

We can help our customers to create website to link with our systems for real-time tracking of shipments, and delivery status as an add-on service.

Yes. Our solution can be integrated with your fleet GPS.

This is part of our website integration package. We can integrate our cloud solutions with your existing website. By doing this, you can enable your own customers to track the delivery status from your own website.

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