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A subscription is monthly payment for the subscribed modules and to access all features available in that module. Additionally, the subscription covers maintenance, helpdesk support, daily backup, bugs fixing and version releases.

User can be your internal staff or your customers having access to one or more modules. Every user will have a login name and the same user cannot be logged into multiple devices. An user is allocated to per company/Per location.

Sofware As A Service – You do not own the software or license of the modules/software. You are entitiled to use the software/module as long as the subscription is active.

For certain modules it will be based on the number of users (unlimited transactions) per month basis. For ecommerce related modules, it will be based on a minimum monthly subscription or number transactions whichever is higher.

For certain modules/apps, you will have your own company brand/logo and for your customers it will show as your own solution rather ONE LOGIS brand/logo. Additional costs will apply for this

You can make payment via bank transfer, paypal or credit card.

The subscriptions can be terminated by giving 30 days notice by both parties.

Depending on the number of users and term of the subscription, we do provide volume discounts. The volume discounts normally applies for subscription contracts more than one year. Contact us for more details.

Based on experience, we have catered most of the country specific requirements across Asia. But we are very happy to listen to your requirements and case by case basis we may either charge an additional fee for a new requirement OR we may enhance our solutions at free of cost for you.

NO cost on software/hardware if you are using our shared cloud server. But if you want to use your own private cloud or your internal server, you can build/use your existing hardware. Our solutions can work on cloud as well as local servers.

NO annual maintenance. All covered in our subscriptions.

YES, we do have a nominal implementation charge to setup your company, logo, users and templates.

As long as your subscription is active, you are entitled to get the version upgrades FREE.

We can do additional development as per your requirement. This will cost 50 USD per hour and we will provide estimations and office quote for your approval.

We provide the solution on our secured cloud server with shared bandwidth. Though we try to achieve the optimal speed, we may not be able to guarantee a bandwidth/speed. You can also choose to have your own dedicated bandwidth with us with additional cost. Kindly contact us.

As of now we have been achieving 99.9% of system availability for our cloud subscriptions.

We do have twice-a-day backup of your data including weekends/public holidays. This is covered in the subscription without any additional cost. We make sure your data is safe with us.

There is no system maintenance cost. But should you require a maintenance package for dedicated support kindly contact us. We have couple of packages for that to provide dedicated and priority support.

We practice one major version release per year and 5-6 minor version/patch releases per year. All our subscribed users will get the updates/releases free of cost as this is already included in the subscription.

Your data is fully secured in our cloud server with encrypted password and security software. Your side need to ensure that the login credentials are safely used and not disclosed to unauthorised users.

Absolutely Possible. Our solution is highly flexible and we can customize any extent as per your requirements with additional charges.

NO, We are not open source.

YES, but for any logic or additional reports, you would require us to work with you.

We do have many standard templates available. If you choose existing one, its free for you. We also provide one set of BL/BILLING template as per your requirement as a part of the implementation cost. Should you need more, please contact us.

We can provide NDA for your information stored in our shared cloud server. You can also optionally choose your own private cloud.

The speed will be based on the server. We continuously innovate and optimize our solutions for the speed. If you are in the shared cloud server (free of cost) we may not be able to guarantee the speed as the shared server used by multiple users.

99% yes based on our experience and users. Depending on new versions/patches you may encounter certain bugs/errors. Should you encounter a bug, we will fix it for free..

Most of our solutions/modules are per user/month fixed subscription for unlimited transactions. But for certain ecommerce related modules we charge by minimum amount OR transaction cost whichever is higher. Kindly contact us with your specific questions.

All our support done remotely. You will have to create a ticket in our helpdesk and we would allocate a ticket number and estimated duration. We would not login/remotely connect to your computers normally. But should such situation arises, our support team would arrange an appointment and enable a remote connection to your personal computer.

NO. We work mostly on Asian timing. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Should you require additional support during this period you can inform us earlier. Should you require 24/7 support, you can signup with our one of the support packages.

YES. You can choose to use your own physical server/cloud server. There will be additional implementation charges apply. We would not provide free data backup or hardware support in such cases. Our solutions are windows based and the server should be a windows server. We will charge additionally for the database license (per month) and installation.

Should you choose your own private server, you would have to create a remote login access for us whenever support is needed OR patches/version upgrades.

Most of our solutions are multi-lingual. But not catering for all languages. You may require additional translation services. Kindly contact us for further details.

When you subscribe, we will create the named users and you can setup the authorization for each user on your own. We will provide the necessary guide and we can also help to create the basic authorizations as per your requirement for free of cost.

Normally for any basic implementation, it takes less than two weeks. This is to setup the cloud server, database, templates and users etc., Your subscription would start only from the day we provide access to the modules. The implementation time taken is not chargeable under the subscription.

Our solutions are quite flexible and any interfaces can be developed with international standard. Currently we support REST API, XML, HTTP, ANSI and EDI/Flat files.

We provide data migration templates for shipment data, business partner, chart of accounts, billing library, Warehouse locations, Inventory SKU, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. If you are using any other systems and want to change to our solutions it would be lot easier. You can use the existing templates and migrate your data seamlessly from excel files.

NO. Every user subscription is limited to one company code. If you have multiple companies (branches) you would need to buy additional subscriptions

You can use our data migration templates to migrate your data for free of cost. Should you need additional support we would charge 50 USD per hour.

We normally keep your data for 30 days after the termination/expiry of the subscription. Should you need a copy of the data we would be able to provide you on excel sheet (exported from your database). Additional charges may apply. Kindly contact us for further details.

Normally we do not provide free trials as our solutions are not off-the-shelf solutions. We would still require some customization effort. Nevertheless, contact us and case to case basis we can consider this request.

We provide online help guide for the system and modules. Its free of cost and you can access all time.

We have the following options
a) Video Tutorials – You can view our video tutorials on how to use the system.
b) Online Training – We can provide dedicated online class room training. It would cost 50$ per hour of training (unlimited participants).
c) Onsite Training – We can provide an on-site class room training. It would cost 500 USD per day with additional expenses on transportation/accomodation.

We have mobile apps for shipment tracking*, inventory module, Lastmile Delivery and Document Management modules. As mobile apps to be under your brand, there would be additional one-time cost for making white label apps. We provided apps in iOS and Android platforms.

Yes we do . Kindly contact us should you have any specific questions.

There is NO warranty for subscription models (SaaS). Should you go for licensing model we provide 90 days free warranty period from go-live.

In some cases if you prefer to have a full licensing (one-time payment), kindly contact us. We do provide full licensing model and traditional implementation/training packages with support services.

Our E-Billing module enable your customers to make payments on your invoices using paypal, credit card, bank transfer and other payment gateways. There will be an one-time setup charge for setting up the payment gateways.

Management dashboard is not required for every user. This is only for the top management to view the performance of the business with various graph and slice/dice options. We provide more than 25 data analytic reports in this dashboard. For each company one or two subscriptions are sufficient for this module. As we use microsoft Power BI for this dashboard, the Power BI subscription is also included in the price.

This is part of our website integration package. We can integrate the web based solutions with your existing website with an one-time cost. By doing this, you can enable your own customers to use the solutions from your own website.

Currently we provide this only for customers having more than 200 users due to the cost of the source code. Kindly contact us if you are interested